Evea Bainum Cafeteria and Patio

The Evea Bainum Cafeteria, built in 2003, sits overlooking Flint Creek and is an essential part of Ozark's campus life. It consists of a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen, a dining area, and an outdoor patio. The indoor dining room is large enough to seat over 300 people, with additional seating available on an outdoor patio.
We serve vegetarian old homestyle all-you-can-eat meals. Most of the meals are made from scratch in our kitchen with an emphasis on providing a healthy balanced diet. We strive for fresh fruits and vegetables in all our meals and prefer these choices over canned or prepacked foods. However, if we serve something like lasagna and a student doesn't care for lasagna, there is always yogurt, milk, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and fresh fruit or vegetables available to the student.
We often have students with food allergies and intolerances and students with a vegan dietary preference. After meeting with the student or their parents, our food service director and cafeteria staff try to make food options available for those students.
In addition to providing all-you-eat meals, the cafeteria is often a place for special events. International Festivals, special Thanksgiving dinners, banquets, super bowl parties, and game nights are some of the events that have been held in the dining room.
Construction on the facility's outdoor patio was started in 2014 and completed in 2015. When the weather permits, students often sit at the long outdoor tables and enjoy eating and socializing together. The patio is also often a place for events such as prayer glow, where students sing and pray together, sip hot chocolate, munch on cookies, and warm themselves by the patio's outdoor fireplace .

Photos taken from inside and outside of the Evea Bainum Cafeteria and Patio.

A Few of our Students' Favorite Meals

Waffles with Strawberry Sauce - Nathan C.
Vegeburgers - Michelle G.
Quesadillas - Eden B.
Smothered Bean Burritos - Elena C.
Pita Bread, Falafals, and Hummus - Sam R.
Pesto Pasta or Grilled Cheese - Gabriel S.
Spring Rolls and Fried Rice - Emma C.
Vegetarian Meatloaf - Simon A.
Egg Puffs for Dinner - Angie C.


For questions regarding Ozark Adventist Academy's cafeteria please contact us at 479-736-2221 or by email at [email protected].