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Ozark Adventist Academy provides a safe learning environment, in which students come to discover a love for God, respect for self, and the skills for fulfilled Christian living.
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Registration and Handshake

August 12

Registration for dorm students and any village students who had not registered was held on Sunday, August 12th. Following registration, students and staff enjoyed pizza, a get acquainted handshake, and watermelon on the cafeteria patio. We were also blessed with community and church volunteers who provided homemade cookies and desserts, drove golf carts, and helped our students move into the dormitories. Thank you to all helped!

Pictures Registration and Handshake Pictures

Day Student Registration

August 2

Day student registration was held on August 2nd, 2018. Registration for dorm students and for any day students who have not yet registered is August 12th.

Pictures Day student registration photos

New and Returning Dorm Students

Dean Gann in Mckee Hall and Dean Neri in Irvin Hall have prepared a list to help students and parents pack for academy life.

McKee Hall List (boy's dorm)
Irvin Hall List (girl's dorm)
Ozark Welcomes New Math and Physics Teacher

Words cannot express how much the Fisher family has meant to Ozark Adventist Academy. It was with heavy hearts that we learned of Doug Fisher's resignation as a staff member. He and his family left footprints that will forever leave imprints on our hearts. As Doug follows the Lord's leading in his life, he will continually be in our hearts and prayers.
With a huge void to fill but with the assurance that this is God's school, we began to pray. We feel blessed that the Lord has opened a way for Bridget Kern, an experienced math and physics teacher, to become part of the faculty at Ozark Adventist Academy. Mrs. Kern has taught at Monterey Bay Academy, Bass Memorial Academy, Portland Adventist Academy, and Marshalltown High School in Iowa. We want to welcome Bridget, her husband Mark, and their college-aged son and daughter to Ozark and to Gentry.

Ozark Drama

May 29 - June 2

Ozark Drama helps with the youth meetings at Ozark Family Camp Meeting in Gentry on May 29th - June 2nd.

Excellence in Teaching

May 26

Congratulations to Ozark's Science/Math Teacher Mr. Robert Fetters on being awarded the 2018 Southwestern Union Conference "Excellence in Teaching" award.

Graduation Weekend 2018

May 26

Congratulations to the Ozark Adventist Academy graduation class of 2018.

Pictures Parent Tribute/Consecration Shutterfly
Pictures Sabbath Morning/Baccalaureate Shutterfly
Pictures Graduation/Commencement Shutterfly
Pictures Graduation/Diploma Presentation Shutterfly
Archived VideoSabbath, 11:00 am
Baccalaureatte - Gentry Church
Archived VideoSaturday Night, 9:00 pm
Commencement - OAA Gymnasium
Senior Trip

May 17-23

Pictures from Senior Class Trip.

pc: David Baldridge

Pictures Friday Vespers & Sabbath  
Pictures Branson Belle  
Pictures Branson Resort  
Thursday Pictures

May 17

Pictures from a quiet center campus on Thursday evening.

Senior Service

May 17

The seniors spent their first day of class trip serving at Habitat for Humanity's ReStore in Bentonville.

pc: David Baldridge

Frog Dissection

May 15

Biology students getting up close and personal with a frog.


SA Picnic

May 13

Sunday the whole school came together for the annual SA Picnic. The last whole school fun event of the year. The SA Officers planned a wide variety of activities providing plenty of opportunity for students to get involved and enjoy the day.

Pictures Set #1 Shutterfly
Pictures Set #2
Spring Concert

May 12

Ozark's music department performing in their last concert of the year.

Outdoor Church

May 12

On Sabbath, Ozark students and staff enjoyed a beautiful day outside in God's creation for outdoor church.

pc: Hannah K.

Fish Dissection

May 11

Biology students discovering the wonders to be found inside a fish. Does it look like the diagram in the book or not?


Freshmen Party

May 6

While the Jr/Sr Banquet was happening and while the Sophomores were having their party on campus, the Freshmen enjoyed a party at the home of Mr. Fetters.

pc: Hannah K.

Renaissance Festival

May 4

On Friday the Sophomore World History class traveled to Muskogee, OK to attend the Renaissance Festival.

pc: David Baldridge

Yearbook Dedication

May 2

Congratulations to Mrs. Bonnie Pendergrass for being honored in the 2017-2018 Flintonian dedication.

This year's 2018 Flintonian is proudly dedicated to Mrs. Bonnie Pendergrass. Since 1991 she has been committed to teaching the Ozark Adventist Academy students about the wonders of science. Through Godly principles she has taught her students multiple sciences, from Physical Science to Anatomy and Physiology, in new and exciting ways. She uses hands-on methods and visual aids to help students fully understand concepts; from taking the Sophomore class on a Biology trip, to taking the A & P class to see a cadaver each year. Just as a skilled and experienced teacher should, she shows her students how to apply the things they learn.

Mrs. Pendergrass is Vice Principal of the discipline committee and always looks for the best in people. This includes caring for the well-being of her students and being understanding of their feelings about being away from home. Mr. Doug Fisher, who has worked with Mrs. Pendergrass for 22 years, says she "is highly dedicated to serving both the school and the students well. She goes above and beyond her duties and expectations."

Mrs. Pendergrass does more than one hard job to the best of her ability. She organized a program called "Dorm Moms" (Dorm Dudes for the guys dorm) to get the community involved with the students on campus. In this program, anonymous community members "adopt" a dorm student and provide little gifts to help brighten their day. This displays, not only her love for her students, but also her love for God. He works through her daily to improve the lives of students teaching them about the greatness and complexity of His creation.

"She takes time out of her day to help us out with our homework, and at least for me, she has helped me with a personal problem and helped me to work things out," says Ashley M., a sophomore.

We are truly grateful for her stewardship that has impacted our campus for the better.

Dorm Dudes Reveal Party

April 29

On Sunday evening the Dorm Dudes had their reveal party. Mrs. Pendergrass leads out in organizing community families to secretly "adopt" a dorm boy for the semester. At the reveal party they get to meet their host family.

pc: Debbie Upson

Gymnastics Tour

April 25

The Aerialaires are currently on tour in Arkansas & Louisiana. These pictures are from their show and community service in Umpire, AR.

Pictures Tour pictures by Andrew H.

pc: Coach Gettys

Pig Dissection

April 25

A & P students dissecting the respiratory system of fetal pigs.

pc: Bonnie Pendergrass

Art Class

April 23

Some of the pieces the art students have been working on this semester.

pc: Linda Dale

2018-2019 SA Officers

April 21

Congratulations to the new Student Association Officers for the 2018-2019 school year.

President: Peter K.
Vice-president: Ethan D.
Secretary/Treasurer: Brian S.
Social Activities Coordinator: Katie K.
Religious Activities Coordinator: Hamilton H.
Sports Coordinator: Brianna H.
Public Relations: Keren Q.

Skyhawk Basketball Seniors

April 21

Congratulations to the Skyhawk Basketball Seniors and parents. You will be missed.


Aerialaires Gymnastics Homeshow

April 21

On Saturday night of Academy Days Weekend Ozark's gymnastics team, the Aerialaires, had their homeshow. Included in the show were elementary age members of the Jr Aerialaires.

Pictures Set #1 Shuttterfly
Pictures Set #2
Pictures Jr Aerialaires
Pictures A bit More by Debbie Upson  
Drama "The Battle for Amy"

April 21

Sabbath afternoon Ozark's Drama class shared a presentation illustrating how each of us is caught in the battle between good and evil.


Academy Days Weekend

April 20

Friday of Academy Days Weekend, Ozark enjoyed a message by Vincent Onkoba for PowerPac Chapel. After supper interested visitors and students participated in a game of kickball. Vespers brought students, staff and visitors together for the second message by Vincent Onkoba "Sci-Fi, Superheros & Salvation".

Pictures Friday PowerPac, Kickball & Vespers Shutterfly
Pictures Sabbath School & Church Shutterfly
Physics Bridges

April 19

Bridge testing day! Physics students weight tested their bridges until failure today.


Circuits Lab

April 17

Series and Parallel Circuits were the topic of study today in Physics Lab.

Music & Eng. II Play Tour

April 14

Ozark's Music Department and English II Play toured through Louisiana & Arkansas this past week.

pc: Hannah K. & Amy E.

Pictures more pictures by Hannah & Amy  
Mission Trip

April 2

A few pictures from the Spring Break Mission Trip to Holbrook Indian School.

pc: Morgan W.

Pictures by Brennan K.  
Ohm's Law

April 11

Physics students studying the relationship between resistance, current and potential difference.

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