College Credit Opportunities

Dual Credit Opportunities with Southwestern Adventist University

In conjunction with Southwestern Adventist University, Ozark Adventist Academy is pleased to offer several dual credit courses for seniors. In these courses, students receive college credit from Southwestern Adventist University as well as academic credit toward their high school diploma from Ozark Adventist Academy. The fee for these classes is $175 per class plus textbooks.

The first semester of their twelth grade year, students can choose between a traditional English IV class, which awards secondary academic credit only, or a dual credit English Composition class (ENG121). Markie Bazzy, an English teacher at Ozark Adventist Academy, has several Master's Degrees, and in collaboration with SWAU staff, teaches the dual credit composition class during the fall semester. During the spring semester, no dual credit English option is available and twelth grade students will need to enroll in the second semester of English IV.

The dual credit mathmatics classes offered every year are not always identical. Previously, College Algebra (MATH110), Mathmatics in Society (MATH115), and Introduction to Probability and Statistics (MATH141) have been offered to Ozark students. There is a dual credit math option for senior OAA students during the fall and spring semesters. OAA's dual credit math classes are taught virtually by a SWAU professor on Southwestern's campus. Just like other OAA classes, students have a scheduled class time. They meet in Ozark Adventist Academy's Library, and through streaming technology, Ozark students can see, hear, and interact with the SWAU professor teaching the class. There are two large, flat-screen TV's on the front wall in the library specifically for the dual credit classes. Students can raise their hands and ask questions just as in a traditional class. The difference is the teacher is on a large TV screen and not physically standing in front of the class. For information about enrolling in dual credit classes, please contact Renee Patterson at [email protected].

Current Dual Credit Classes (Fall Semester 2022)

Eng 121 Freshman Composition (3 credits) This course focuses on individual writing processes, the production of quality expository and argumentative prose for a variety of purposes and audiences, and the introduction of information literacy skills. The course also emphasizes the development and use of critical thinking and reading skills essential for writing college-level papers.

Math 115 Mathmatics of Societies (3 credits) This is a quantitative reasoning course designed to develop math literacy by considering common occurrences of mathematics topics encountered through living in today’s world. Topics include logical reasoning with sets, interpretation of data, using functional models in real-world applications such as growth and personal finance, basics of probability and statistics with an emphasis on interpreting results, and the design of voting systems by apportionment.
Prequisites: SAT mathematics score of at least 530 or an ACT mathematics score of at least 21 or MATH 013 with a grade of C- or higher or permission of the department.

Upcoming Dual Credit Classes (Spring Semester 2023)

We are currently working with the mathematics department at SWAU to determine the spring semester 2023 dual credit mathmatics option.

Other Dual Credit Options

Dual Credit Through Examination
Students also have the opportunity to obtain college credit in Spanish. Students fluent in Spanish and enrolled in Sarah Chase's Advanced Spanish class have the opportunity to take an Advanced Placement Spanish exam to receive college credit by examination. For more information about the AP Spanish exam please contact Renee Patterson at [email protected].

Other Options
In the past, a few students have independently enrolled in online courses from Adventist Universities such as Southern University, Andrews University, or Southwestern Adventist University. However, prior approval from Ozark Adventist Academy's Academic Standards Committee is required for students to receive academic credit towards their high school diploma at Ozark. A maximum of two dual credit courses per semester is allowed, and in order to qualify to individually take classes for dual credit, Juniors must have a 3.50 GPA and seniors must have a 3.00 GPA. The class must also fit within the class load guidelines. The fees are the responsibility of the student and parents.

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