Campus Tour

Standing in the cafeteria on campus and looking out the windows facing Flint Creek or onto center campus is a great place to watch the changing seasons. As spring heads into summer, you can almost smell the grass as students pushing lawnmowers and brandishing weed eaters slip past the windows, spraying their freshly cut trimmings into the air. And when the temperatures start to fall and the leaves have turned their brilliant colors of red, orange, and yellow, you can often see students raking up huge mounds of leaves to pile on top of each other, leaving only a few faces peeking out. And when those leaves have long lost their place in that pile, you'll often find them flying through the air or in the hands of students as they chase each other around campus with smiles and laughter that can't be missed even from that cafeteria window. In the winter when snow is lying on the ground, peering out that frosted window you can often see snowmen and snowball fights, snow angels, and pink and green plastic sleds being hauled down the sidewalk in the grip of some very cold fingers.

Located on the banks of Flint Creek in the midst of 246 acres in rural Northwest Arkansas, we believe Ozark Adventist Academy has a beautiful campus. And we would like to invite you in addition to taking a digital tour of our campus, to contact us at [email protected] to set up an in-person tour. We would love to show you around Ozark.

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Athletic Field

On the banks of Flint Creek, Ozark Adventist Academy's athletic field has a football field, a soccer field, and a baseball diamond. There are also newly renovated tennis, sand volleyball, and basketball courts. We even have a disc golf course! Learn more HERE.

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Boys' Dorm

The boys' dorm, also called McKee Hall, has room for more than 80 boys. Besides the student rooms and bathrooms, there is a large lobby and TV area, the dean's office, a chapel, a weight room, a game room, a laundry room, guest rooms and a dorm store. Learn more HERE.

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A lot happens in the gymnasium. Student Association activities like floor hockey and junk scramble, varsity volleyball and basketball games, gymnastics class, gymnastics Home Show, and evening recreation happen here. Learn more about the gymnasium HERE.

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Administration Building

Ozark's classrooms are located in the Administration Building, along with the auditorium, the business office, the music department, music practice rooms, teacher's offices, administration offices, the library, and the Student Activities Center. Learn more HERE.

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OAA's cafeteria was built in 2003 and is situated overlooking Flint Creek. Mrs. Mason, Ozark's Food Service director, is often able accomodate students with special diets when students notify her ahead of time regarding their dietary restrictions. Learn more HERE.

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Girls' Dorm

The girls dorm, also called Irvin Hall, has a lot going on during the year. From dorm Christmas and dorm daughter reveal parties, to evening study hall and worship services, to girls' club banquets, living in the dorm is a lot of fun! Learn more about dorm life HERE.

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Ozark's Maintenance Department has two buildings on campus. The Industrial Arts Building houses our Plant Services Department. The Bus Barn, located behind the IA Building, houses Ozark's grounds department, maintenance storage, and vehicles. Learn more HERE.

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Center Campus

Located in the center of the buildings on campus, center campus is the green lawn area with the bell tower, picnic tables, benches, sidewalks, and the flag poles. This is often a place where students hang out with their friends, kick around a soccer ball, or study. Learn more HERE.

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Gentry SDA Church

During the school year, students in the girls' and boys' dormitories attend the Gentry Seventh-day Adventist Church on Sabbath mornings. It is located right across the street from Ozark and students are able to walk the short distance to church. Learn more HERE.