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Ozark Adventist Academy provides a safe learning environment, in which students come to discover a love for God, respect for self, and the skills for fulfilled Christian living.
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20997 Dawn Hill East Rd. Gentry, AR 72734 | Phone: (479) 736-2221 | Fax: (479) 736-2224 | Email: [email protected]
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Courses Offered

Computer Applications 1 unit
Computer Science 1 unit
Home Economics (1 sem) 1/2 unit
Auto Mechanics 1 unit
Topics in Architecture 1/2 unit
English I 1 unit
English II 1 unit
English III 1 unit
English IV 1 unit
Freshmen Composition 1/2 unit
Fine Arts
Art (1 sem) 1/2 unit
Concert Band 1/2 unit
String Ensemble 1/2 unit
Christian Drama 3/4 unit
OAA Chorus 1/4 unit
Handbells 1/2 unit
Private Lessons - for credit only 1/4 unit
Royalaires - must be member of OAA Chorus 1/2 unit
Foreign Language
Spanish I 1 unit
Spanish II 1 unit
Advanced Spanish 1 unit
Health 1/2 unit (1 semester)
Algebra I 1 unit
Algebra I Fundamentals# 1 unit
Algebra II 1 unit
Algebra II Fundamentals# 1 unit
College Algebra 1/2 unit
Geometry 1 unit
Pre-Calculus 1/2 unit
Math of Business and Personal Finance# 1 unit
Physical Education
Physical Education (PE) 1 unit
Personal Fitness 1 unit
Gymnastics 1/2 unit
Varsity Basketball 1/4 unit
Varsity Soccer 1/8 unit
Varsity Volleyball 1/8 unit
Religion I 1 unit
Religion II 1 unit
Religion III 1 unit
Religion IV 1 unit
Anatomy & Physiology 1 unit
Biology 1 unit
Chemistry 1 unit
Earth Science 1 unit
Ecology 1 unit
Physics 1 unit
Social Studies
Economics 1/2 unit (1 semester)
Government 1/2 unit (1 semester)
World History 1 unit
United States History 1 unit
Speech 1/2 unit (1 semester)

#The fundamental level courses will meet high school graduation requirements but will not necessarily prepare a student to take college level courses without remedial work. They do not meet College Prep Diploma requirements.

Qualifying for the High School diploma may not necessarily meet full admission requirements to colleges or to all college courses of study. All students should check the specific entrance requirements of the college they plan to attend to make sure they qualify for full admission.

20997 Dawn Hill East Rd. Gentry, AR 72734 | Phone: (479) 736-2221 | Fax: (479) 736-2224 | Email: [email protected]
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