Would it make any difference? I had only five dollars, my daughter sitting next to me had only two. What was that against a large tuition bill? These thoughts were running through my mind as a church elder stood before the congregation and called for the offering for Ozark Adventist Academy. But then I could hear it. The song my daughter used to sing, the one that said the smallest little trickles would flood into mighty oceans. So with a smile and a prayer our seven dollars went into the offering plate. Many students at Ozark Adventist Academy have significant financial needs. It is our goal that no student will be turned away because of finances. Whether it's large or small, we appreciate your help in supporting Adventist education in the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference. Online donations may be made via the links below.

Worthy Student Fund

More than 50% of our students receive financial aid. It is given to individuals based on need, like the mother who said, I don't know how we will pay for it but he has to be here. Sometimes it is given to a student from a family with four or five children. Or it may be given to someone whose father is out of work, or to that amazing student, destined to be a pastor, whose mother just can't manage to pay all his fees. All worthy student funds go directly to student accounts. Many of our students would never be able to attend without the Worthy Student Funds.

Auditorium Improvements

One of the current projects on our campus is renovating the technology in the auditorium. We are working on upgrading the computers, live-stream equipment such as cameras and switchers, lighting, and other digital technology to make quality live-stream events possible from our campus. Not to just live-stream events like talent shows and senior recognition weekends but to allow religious activities like our student-led evangelistic series scheduled for the 2023-2024 school year to be broadcast from our campus.

Mike Dale Scholarship Fund

An Ozark Adventist Academy scholarship fund has been set up to honor Mike Dale's commitment to educating young people for God. Mr. Dale worked at OAA from 2006 to 2020. Mike passed away in 2020 but his fervent committment to Adventist education continues. Through the Mike Dale Scholarship Fund young people are still given the opportunity to receive a Christian education because of his life and his love for our students. Funds are distributed to students based on financial needs.

Principal's Council

Become a monthly partner with the Principal's Council as we invest in the future of Ozark Adventist Academy. Will it be $100, $50, $25 or some other amount per month? Our shared vision for Christian education at OAA will flourish with our combined support. Tax deductible donations can be made below.


Soccer tournaments, home leave transportation, music and drama tours, and various outreach ministries all require safe and reliable transportation. Obtaining and maintaining Ozark's vehicles is a significant expense. Donations to the Transportation Fund enables students to go on trips that often make the best memories.

Annual Fund

Donations given to Ozark's Annual Fund are used wherever they are needed the most. It is an unrestricted fund that can be used for anything from operational expenses, to campus improvements to providing additional student aid funds for critical need students. Together we can make a difference.


There are students in every graduating class who cannot afford Christian education. Without the generous support of Ozark's donors, these students would never be able to sit in front of Christian teachers. They would never be able to march down the aisle and stand proudly with the rest of their class. They would be compelled to be on the outside looking in. Thank you to all that give and make Christian education a possibility for those who without them could only dream.

"And that their children, which have not known any thing, may hear, and learn to fear the Lord your God . . . " Deuteronomy 31:13